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Farm Photography in Michigan | Showcasing the Stories of our State

I grew up in Traverse City, Michigan - the "cherry capital" of the world. As a 13-year-old, I spent early mornings riding my bike to the cherry orchards to work as a cherry sorter, separating ripe cherries from rotten ones. It was my first job and as expected of first jobs, it wasn't glamorous. But, it taught me firsthand about the dedication and grit of farm life because I was doing more than just sorting cherries. I was witnessing the labor-intensive rhythm of the farm,  the sun-soaked mornings, the calloused hands, and the unparalleled satisfaction of watching hard work yield its bounty.

Hand holding soil

This formative experience shaped my passion for agricultural photography, where I now capture the stories of Michigan's communities and farms. Over the past two years, I've documented countless Michigan farms and food businesses, celebrating the dedication of farmers, Michigan's stunning beauty, and the vital role sustainable agriculture plays in our state's identity. Take a peek at some pictures from over the years...

hand planting a seed

Every crop begins with a seed planted in rich Michigan soil like the ones above at Hillcrest Farms, in Eaton Rapids, Michigan.

Seedling growing at hydroponic farm

With the right conditions and care, these seeds begin to sprout like the ones above at Blue Mitten Hydroponic Farm in Lansing, Michigan

man riding a tractor

farmer looking at his crop

As the seedlings begin to mature, farmers like Luke at Hot Pepper Karenni Farm in Mason, Michigan carefully tend to the crop's needs - pulling weeds, managing pests, fertilizing and watering to ensure the plants thrive.

bee pollinating flower

bees in a hive

The farmers have added help from Michigan's industrious pollinators like these above at ValleyHUB KVCC in Kalamazoo.

Eggplant blossom


Thanks to the farmers and the bees, the seedings begin to blossom and eventually ripen like this eggplant at Keep Growing Detroit.

onions growing in a row

freshly picked onion

man harvesting onions

Eventually, it's time to harvest the crops like the sweet onions above at Crisp County Acres in Holland.

woman harvesting cherry tomatoes

cherry tomatoes

and these delicious cherry tomatoes at Drew Farm in Detroit.

rainbow carrots

woman harvesting eggplant

swiss chard

broccoli in a crate

celery being harvested

radishes in a bucket

The harvests are beautiful and bountiful, full of a rainbow of colors and hues like these radishes at Flatwater Farms in Buchanan.

farmer washing leeks

farmer washing lettuce

man chopping apples

After the produce is harvested, it is washed and processed to be delivered to local communities like these apples in Flint at Flint Fresh.

woman sorting produce for CSA

while other produce is distributed to farmers' markets and CSAs like the produce above at Willow Garden in Hanover.

farmer hearding sheep

young piglet looking at camera

Of course, our state's agriculture also involves raising livestock like the sheep and pigs pictured above at Tiger Valley Ranch in Fennville.

farming mural in Detroit

woman harvesting beets


tractor fertlizing a crop

From small urban farms to rural acres of sprawling land, Michigan's farming community is rich and diverse. Yet, the lessons I learned as a young cherry sorter - the value of hard work, the importance of community, and the deep respect for the natural world - are consistent. They are lessons that guide us all, reminding us of the interconnectedness of life and the responsibility we share to nurture and protect it. So let us celebrate the farmers who cultivate our food, the communities they sustain, and the land that gives so generously.

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