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Harvesting Hope from Farm to School | Michigan Commercial Photography

I scheduled this commercial photography session at Crisp County Acres in Holland, Michigan for sunrise because there is something simply magical about morning light on a farm in summer. My ongoing project for the Michigan Department of Education and their 10 Cents a Meal Program, has me traveling to farms and schools this summer to capture the visual narrative of this program, which reimburses schools for purchasing local produce from farmers with the goals of supporting the local economy, diminishing the carbon footprint and improving nutrition in schools.

With my camera bag and coffee in hand, I left my house at 6:30am, quickly realizing that we were not going to get the sunrise we had hoped for.

Field of cauliflower

The sun hid behind a canopy of morning gray skies, casting a cool and subdued tone over the cauliflower field in my first shots above...

purple cauliflower and cabbage
Dew drops on cauliflower leaves
cauliflower and cabbage collage

If I have learned anything over the last two years, it's that things don't always go as planned but there are still opportunities to be found if you're open to seeing them. So, I put away my wide-angle landscape lens and grabbed my macro lens to take in the beautiful colors inside the cauliflower and cabbage fields up close.

Dew drops on a cauliflower leaf

Morning dew delicately graced the edges of vegetable leaves...

Collage of greens and yellows on a farm

Dynamic color combinations and patterns began to emerge...

Seedling sprouting in a greenhouse

New life was sprouting in the greenhouses...

Celery being harvested

Celery was being harvested...

Candy onions being harvested
Man holding harvested onions
Candy onions growing in a row

Along with candy onions...

rainbow carrots being harvested
Bucket of rainbow carrots
Man harvesting Kale
Dew drops on kale leaf
bucket of harvested kale

and beautiful rainbow carrots and kale...

tomatoes growing in a greenhouse
tomatoes growing in a greenhouse
Ripe tomatoes on a vine

Ripe tomatoes waiting to be picked from the vine...

Kale being washed
Colorful harvested rhubarb

while fresh rhubarb was being washed and ready to be shipped...

broccoli in a crate

And just as I began to wrap my session, the sun broke through the cloud cover above, serving as a gentle reminder that despite life's unpredictable moments, the sun will shine again.

p.s. If you want to see a beautiful sunrise at Crisp County Acres, check them out on Facebook as they often post gorgeous pictures from their farm. Even better, visit their market stand or find them at the Kalamazoo Farmer's Market where the vibrant colors of their produce rival any sunrise.

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