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Many Hands | Michigan Commercial Photography

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a great way for people to buy local, seasonal food directly from a farmer, scoring the freshest in-season produce while also helping the environment. Last week I traveled to Willow Garden in Hanover Michigan to photograph this organic farm for a CSA project with Taste the Local Difference of Michigan.

When I arrived at Willow Garden, the sun was still low in the sky, so I decided to walk around the property, immediately realizing how the farm got it's name as the Weeping Willows basked in the morning light

The tomato house smelled amazing and the kale grew in neat rows waiting for harvest

Fresh raspberries grew on bushes alongside the greenhouses as a late summer sunburst made its way into my frame...

Complimentary colors of vibrant reds and lush greens were everywhere from the freshly picked red peppers...

to the cabbages, cherry tomatoes, and rows of newly planted lettuces

The hard work and attention to detail were obvious as Jason washed freshly harvested leeks before shipping them to his customers

and Seraina packaged carrots and peppers for the CSA boxes with care

As the saying goes, many hands make light work...

But, Willow Garden is about much more than the many hands that make the operation possible. Running a successful CSA takes passion and dedication to produce a beautiful organic bounty for a loyal customer base. Many hands (and hearts) make Willow Garden a standout CSA in Michigan.

Check out Willow Garden at the Marshall Farmers Market or find them online.

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