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Farm Photography in Michigan: Capturing Agricultural Beauty

As a niche farm photographer in Michigan, I'm passionate about documenting the agricultural stories that Michigan has to offer.

Tractor fertilizing crops in Michigan

Over the years, I've had the privilege of specializing in storytelling and documentary photography for numerous Michigan farms from urban farms to rural farms. Recently, I had the opportunity to journey to Buchanan, Michigan, where I met with Marc Luff, the Farm Manager at Flatwater Farms. My assignment was to highlight Flatwater Farm's CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) through my lens.

Tractor and farmers tending to crops in Michigan

Flatwater Farms, nestled in the heart of Michigan, paints a vivid picture of agricultural innovation and organic farming. From the vibrant radish and turnip fields to the lush raspberry bushes, it's a testament to the beauty and sustainability of our state's farming heritage.

Macro image of a raspberry at Flatwater Farms in MIchigan
Closeup of raspberries

At Flatwater Farms, the raspberries are nothing short of dazzling gems.

Hand pulling radishes from ground

The radishes are a perfect example of Flatwater Farm's commitment to organic excellence and meticulous farming practices. These radishes are hand-pulled from the soil...

Men washing freshly harvested produce in Michigan

Carefully washed with fresh water...

Closeup of radishes in a bucket of water
fresh radishes
Radish label

and soaked in buckets before preparing for Flatwater Farm's loyal customer base to enjoy.

freshly harvested turnip at Flatwater Farms in Michigan
Kale growing at Flatwater Farms in Michigan
tractor and farm fields at Flatwater Farms in MIchigan

Stay connected with Flatwater Farms on social media to follow their sustainable farming journey and story!

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