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Motherhood on the Farm | Kalamazoo Commercial Photographer

As a commercial photographer in Kalamazoo, I have the opportunity to partner with a variety of businesses. In an ongoing collaboration with Taste the Local Difference (TLD), I recently traveled to Tiger Valley Ranch in Fennville, Michigan.

A mother walking with her children and dogs on a farm

The main objective of our partnership is to amplify the voices of underserved farmers and food businesses across the state through photography. As part of this endeavor, I travel to farms in Southwest Michigan, capturing documentary-style images that TLD uses to create fresh and relevant marketing materials for these food businesses.

a mother and her children taking sheep out to pasture
a boy opening a gate to let sheep out to pasture

By showcasing the farmers' stories and the rich tapestry of their crops and food businesses, we aim to increase awareness and expand their reach within the community.

a mother pig and her piglet touching noses

This session was special because it was shot on Mother's Day. Witnessing the unique mother-child connections on the farm was a wonderful way to celebrate the day...

a mother pig and her piglet
piglets and mother pigs in a farm enclosure
a mother sheep and her lamb
a mother and son holding baby chicks
a mother and daughter holding a baby lamb
a family of farmers moving sheep out to pasture
a boy running with sheep
a father and son moving sheep
a slow shutter image of sheep moving to pasture

Sheep were herded and moved into different pastures to graze, which was a fun opportunity to play with my shutter speed and capture the motion of the moment...

a mother and her children moving pigs in an enclosure on the farm
a mother and son feeding sheep
closeup of sheep
closeup of pig's nose

Animals were carefully tended to and loved

young boy running in a grassy field with blue skies
mother chasing her children in a grassy field
children walking through a grassy field with their dogs

And, after all the work was done, we took a moment to play games and chase each other through the farm fields...

family smiling at the camera with their dogs on a farm

These documentary-style photography sessions hold a special place in my heart, enabling me to capture compelling narratives through my lens, while acquiring a deeper understanding of the diverse crops and people that make the state of Michigan a special place to live. Thank you for allowing me to capture your story, Tiger Valley Ranch!


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