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Kalamazoo Professional Headshots | Tower Pinkster

Last Spring I was hired do commercial headshots by Tower Pinkster, a multidisciplinary architecture, engineering, and interior design firm in Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids, Michigan. Tower Pinkster's architecture designs are cutting-edge and modern, taking into account the importance of natural light in their buildings. If you follow my work, you know that natural light is my jam, so when Tower Pinkster first reached out to me to photograph their employees using natural light in a relaxed working environment, I knew this project was something I had to do. We didn't use any off camera lighting or flash for these portraits, just available light in all different forms (side lighting, direct lighting and back lighting). Our goal was to photograph employees in their natural working environment, creating a "consistently inconsistent" collection of authentic portraiture.

Over the course of this project, I have had the privilege to meet some incredibly smart and talented architects, designers and engineers who are designing the future of our cities and schools. I shot over 130 headshots during this project. It has been a privilege to work with this dynamic team. Take a peek...

Candid portrait of a young professional man dressed in business casual
Professional portrait of a man wearing a suit and glasses leaning on a architectural drafting table
Business woman smiling for a business headshot in Kalamazoo, Michigan
Commercial headshot of a man wearing a blazer smiling at the camera
Two business professionals looking at the camera for professional headshots
A business woman wearing a blue shirt smiling for her professional headshot
A young business professional wearning glasses looking at camera for professional headshot
Two young professionals smiling for commercial portraits
A young business woman smiling at the camera for a professional portrait
Three business professionals in their work environments
A woman wearing a turquoise blazer smiling at the camera for a professional headshot
A group of professionals smiling for business headshots
A man dressed in business casual smiling at the camera for his commercial portrait
Young professionals wearing glasses for their professional headshots
An older man wearing glasses and a suit looking out the window of his office


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