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Kalamazoo Professional Headshots | Oppenheimer & Co Inc.

Montmorency Financial Advisors, a branch of Oppenheimer & Co Inc, in Kalamazoo, Michigan hired me to take professional headshots to update their website and marketing materials. For this commercial portrait session, we wanted to get away from the backdrop and off-camera lighting and use an environmental background coupled with natural light. The result is authentic commercial portraiture that gives a more approachable feel and matches this team's wonderful personalities and professionalism.

This gallery includes 3-5 edited commercial portraits per employee and two team photos to give variety to different marketing platforms.

For more professional headshot and portrait work, check out this post from my professional portrait session with architecture firm, Tower Pinkster, or visit the commercial section of the blog.

Interested in booking a commercial portrait session for your company? Contact me for a customized quote.

A man wearing a suit and tie poses for his professional headshot
A woman wearing glasses smiling for commercial headshot portrait
A middle aged woman wearing a suit smiles at camera for her commercial portrait
A woman wearing a business suit smiles for commercial headshot in Kalamazoo, Michigan
An older man in a business suit and tie smiles for his commercial headshot portrait

Each employee received 3-5 professional headshots to add variety to their marketing materials. Here are a few more.

A business woman wearing a suit with a purple shirt smiling for a professional portrait
Professional headshot of a man wearing a suit and tie with his arms crossed
A smiling business woman looking at another colleague in the office
A business woman dressed in a suit smiling at camera for a professional portrait
An older man wearing a suit and tie standing up and looking at camera for professional headshot
An older man dressed in a business suit and tie smiling at camera for professional portrait

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