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Kalamazoo Professional Headshots | Northwestern Mutual

In the fall of 2020 I was able to spend a few mornings with the team at Northwestern Mutual in Kalamazoo, Michigan to update their professional headshots. We used the team's current office space and the available light in and outside the building for our sessions. After each day of shooting, each person was able to review the files and choose their handful of favorite images that best represented their personality and style before I began the editing process. This helped ensure that the final images were images that everybody was happy with. The end result is a set of authentic portraiture that represents this fun and dynamic team at Northwestern Mutual.

“Sarah Rypma was amazing to work with! She fit in with our staff so well, it was as if she was a part of our team in Kalamazoo for years. She made everyone feel comfortable in front of the camera, and really brought out their personalities in each shot. We had a great blend of professional and fun headshots. Personally, I love that Sarah selects photos with you after your session so that she is spending time editing the photos that you really want to see in the end. We highly recommend Sarah Rypma Photography!” Megan Razenberg, Northwestern Mutual / Kalamazoo


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