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Kalamazoo Commercial Photographer | Professional Headshots and Taxes

When Wesler and Associates CPA, a woman owed CPA business in Kalamazoo, Michigan, asked me to take professional headshots for their all-woman team, the answer was YES! Thanks to some upfront planning and a group of women who showed up prepared and ready for their professional portraits, this session was easy-going and fun, just like this team's personalities. We found some beautiful natural light, created different looks by adding and removing accessories and layering pieces, and embraced their genuine smiles to create professional headshots that are less formal and more authentic. Just like taxes, nobody really loves having their headshots taken but both are necessary and both can be painless if you have the right team in place. Take a peek at this woman lead team and give them a call before April 15 to help you with your taxes.

Interested in booking a professional headshot session for your business? Let's chat.


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