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One in 2021

When you turn one in 2021, that means that your first year of life happened during a global pandemic. Last year, I photographed sweet Charlie for her newborn session. This year I photographed her for her first birthday! With both parents working from home because of the pandemic, Charlie received extra snuggles and quality time with her family. What more could a one year old ask for? Happy birthday, Charlie!

Mother holding young baby in her arms on a summer day
Young baby on a blanket outdoors
Mother and father pulling a young baby in a wagon on a path outdoors
Mother comforting a crying baby sitting in a wagon
closeup of a babys eyelashes
Baby hands on a book with stuffed animal next to her
Mother and father reading a book with their baby sitting oustide on a blanket in a park
A closeup of a baby reading a book with her mother and father outside in a park
Mother lifting her one year old baby up while laying down on a blanket
Closeup of baby feet
Mother and father holding a one year old girl's hands as she is learning to walk
Father lifting baby up smiling at her
Father holding a baby who is clapping and smiling
Baby girl with big blue eyes looking up


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