• Kalamazoo Michigan Photographer, Sarah Rypma

College Park

College Park Industries, a Michigan based prosthetic manufacturer, hired me in February to do a lifestyle / branding session for the launch of their new Espire Elbow. The goal of this session was to photograph a client of College Park's who uses the Espire elbow in his daily life. This session consisted of the client, the College Park marketing team and myself for a morning of photography, coffee and conversation (three of my favorite things!) Take a peek at some images from our session.

“We contacted Sarah for this project based on her portfolio on her website. I was very happy with Sarah’s professionalism and her thoroughness planning the photo shoot. Sarah understood exactly what we were looking for with our corporate shoot and she even knew things like

keeping space around the subject for copy. She did a great job aligning everyone at the shoot including the owner of the location. She knew how to work around all the typical obstacles that arise in a photoshoot and she handled them all with the utmost professionalism. She also delivered the final photos very quickly and took the time to remove other companies logos from the photos such as the logo on our subject’s shirt. I would hire Sarah again in a heartbeat. It was certainly the smoothest and easiest photoshoot we’ve ever done in this company.”

-Erik Martin, Marketing Manager, College Park Industries