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When it comes to newborn photography, you have two common choices when planning the style of your session - lifestyle photography or studio photography. It’s a personal choice. I am a lifestyle newborn photographer in Kalamazoo, Michigan and I photograph all of my newborn sessions inside my clients’ homes.

Meet Lincoln | 2 weeks old

Even though Lincoln is a just a few weeks old, there is a lot about Lincoln that can’t be photographed in a studio. As a lifestyle photographer, I want to capture the story and understand who Lincoln is and to do this, I choose to photograph my newborns inside their homes.

Lincoln's home is full of framed family photos that adorn the walls, children’s books (including Carl’s Snowy Afternoon) and Ohio State gear.

Lincoln has a big sister that likes “to hold him so tight” in her beanbag chair (and find his belly button).

and feet...

Lincoln’s crib is positioned in the corner with chevron sheets and a glider next to the window where he will read countless books and will be rocked back to sleep during the early morning hours.

This is the same window that Lincoln’s dog, Carl, will watch for squirrels and where the morning light will gently rouse Lincoln from his night’s sleep (if of course he isn’t already awake).

This is where Lincoln will make memories, celebrate holidays and snuggle closely with those who love him unconditionally (even when he cries).

When Lincoln looks back at his baby book years from now, there is no doubt that these photos will be touchstones for Lincoln...

bringing him back to his childhood, to those that matter most and to a place he will always call home.

Welcome Lincoln. Xo

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