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Welcome, Joseph!

Joseph | 4 days old | Evening Session

I just adore this family. I arrived at their home for our evening session and the four older sisters greeted me with the biggest smiles - they were genuinely excited to see me and proceeded to give me a tour of their lovely home. They started the tour by pointing out the pictures from our last session two years ago that we framed and arranged on their living room wall (printed photos? displayed? be still my heart!). I remember that session well - we braved the elements, they remained calm and collective under a sky of hail and their youngest, Mary, took her first steps on camera. Fast forward two years later and here I was in their home to photograph the arrival of the newest addition (#5 and the first baby boy, Joseph). The girls continued to give me the tour through the living room to the upstairs. They showed me their artwork and their books (one sister proclaimed she is going to be an author and I don't doubt it). They continued to show me the nursery and their newest pride and joy, Joseph. It was clear that they were smitten with their new baby brother. And, it was clear that this family had more than a house - they had a home...full of love, learning and memories. Welcome home, baby Joseph. And, thank you for the homemade Molasses cookies, sure do know how to make a photog feel special.

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