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If only the dinosaurs knew how popular they would be among three year old boys 65 million years later! And, if only paleontologists would have considered how difficult it would be for parents to pronounce the names of these extinct creatures for their kids. I mean, let's be honest...names like Futalognkosaurus don't exactly roll off the tongue, especially at bedtime when your child is making you read his/her dinosaur encyclopedia for the 10th time...but I digress. I love that this family incorporated interests from their boys' ages into their session because chances are they won't always be into will be a passing phase of childhood (unless they turn out to be paleontologists which case I hope they consider my case for easier to pronounce dino names). Either way, we documented this fun phase of their childhood - a collections of photographs that one day will transport them back to their prehistoric days as a young and beautiful family...And, it's my guess that when they revisit these pictures years later they will still be able to hear Connor's ROAR!.

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