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Rain Rules

I drove from Kalamazoo to Ada, Michigan for this session alongside a spectacular fall sunrise. It was a beautiful morning and I was excited for my family lifestyle session. As I was pulling into Ada, I saw a pretty significant rain cloud behind me, so I quickly checked my trusty weather app again and was assured that it wasn't going to rain until noon. Perfect, I could shoot this session and wrap it up before the weather turned.

Rule #1 - The weather forecast CAN be wrong. Within 15 minutes that rain cloud rolled right on in, deciding to join our session. My face looked a lot like G's here.

Rule #2 - Get Ahead of It - I used the first 15 minutes of this session to take advantage of the outdoors. We were able to capture some sweet mother child images under the soft box sky before it opened up on us.

Rule #3 - Embrace it!. Lifestyle sessions are about documenting the moment, as it is. If you are a parent, you know that things don't always turn out like you planned. So, you learn to be flexible. In this case, you pull out the rain boots, snacks, books and umbrellas and you enjoy the rainy day with your family. Who knows, you might all end up under that umbrella together and when's the last time that happened?

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