• Sarah Rypma, Lifestyle Photographer, Denver

Denver Skies

Sometimes in photography all the right conditions come together - dreamy lighting, beautiful family interactions and....roosters. (Yes, you read that right). This is the second session from my Denver lifestyle shoots in February. This session was shot in the evening on a February night on a 10 acre farm outside of Denver. Typically when I write a blog post, I lay out my images in some type of chronological order from my session. However, I am going to start with some of the last images from this session because the sky and the family interactions steal the show. The sun was setting in the West over the mountains, creating a warm amber glow (perfect for backlighting images and creating sunflare), while the sky in the East (behind me) was turning shades of purple and pink and a deep blue - like a watercolor painting...dreamy. Take a peek.

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