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A Luxurious Saturday

When is the last time you went "unplugged", had no plans or commitments and spent quality, uninterrupted time with your family on a Saturday? It's not easy to do for a family with school-aged kids. Somebody always seems to have something to do and somewhere to be. It's funny how the older I get, the more I have come to realize that a Saturday without a "to-do" list or prior commitments has become a luxury in our lives. When we really take the time to live in the moment and fully participate, time slows down and we can truly connect with each other.

This lifestyle session took place on a Saturday in my dear friend's home on Valentine's Day weekend. They had no plans for the morning and my job was to capture them as they were. They danced, played the piano, read books, played cards, played dolls, built train tracks and shared snacks (adding in a few timeouts to keep it real). Take a peek at this luxurious Saturday morning with the Fosters.

This is the first session where my client begged me for "just one more" -- usually, it's the other way around. Thanks for the love, Levi!

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