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My client wrote this blog post for me and it is very special and is exactly WHY I pursued photography to begin with - to document life and to preserve it for others. Thanks for the post, E!

Photographs have always been important to me. I remember looking through them as a child and my mom telling me stories about her life from before she met my dad, before I was born, and when I was a baby. Having the photographs there is what made the memories of those stories stick for me. I still think back on those times often. I also remember being on trips with my family. My mom always had her camera out. It drove us crazy, constantly stopping for a picture of this, or that, but I understand why she did it so much more now that I am a mother.

In 2010 our oldest daughter passed away, and although we have at least a thousand pictures of her, my biggest regret is that we never got someone to capture the moments in the two weeks we had her at home with all of us together. Now, I am determined to document our little ones. They grow and change so quickly and I want to remember every moment. I love the way that a great photographer is able to capture a little moment in time, forever preserving our children as they are right now. Sarah did that for us. She was able to catch the personalities of each of our children, the relationships between the different members of our family, and the fun we have together. These pictures will be precious forever.

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