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Everyday Art

Some clients prefer lifestyle sessions over traditional family portraiture (or a little of both). I thought I would take the opportunity to explain what lifestyle photography is and how it differs from a traditional family session. Lifestyle photography is often referred to as the "art of the everyday." Since lifestyle photography is photojournalistic in nature, it is not styled and does not include props. It is not posed.

It's the candid expressions that make lifestyle photography so appealing and relatable.

If you are considering a lifestyle session with me, here are three essential tips:

  • As you Are - a lifestyle session is casual in nature. Don't wear clothing that does not feel like you. Choose wardrobe pieces from your closet that you already own and that reflect your style.

  • Interact + Ignore {me} - Interact with your family. Play with your kids. Read books, do puzzles, drink coffee, let the kids play the ipad, wrestle, jump on the bed, have a pillow fight, have a snack...Do what it is you do in the comfort of your own home and most importantly, ignore me. I am just there to document a day in your life. Whatever you do, don't draw attention to me or my camera (even if I am standing on your kitchen counter - I love fun angles!).

  • Let Kids Be Kids - Don't ask your children to look at me and say "cheeeeese" - allow them the freedom to explore and play. Don't worry about posing. Go about your routine. Have fun! By doing so, you are more likely to capture REAL authentic images of your family at this stage in your lives.

If lifestyle photography appeals to you, let me know when you book your session!

Here are some fun captures from a recent lifestyle session inside my client's home.

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