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The Perfect Picture

In my previous posts, I talk about how you have to model a relaxed attitude in a photo shoot. If you are uptight about your family photos and getting the "perfect" picture, chances are you won't get that perfect picture and you won't have fun either...something neither the photographer nor the client wants. The truth is, I have found that the perfect picture happens when you least expect it and when you stop taking yourself so seriously. When you let go of the Pinterest Perfect Picture and let life happen, beautiful things transpire...real interactions and moments begin to reveal themselves and soon the perfect picture (that you didn't plan) begins to materialize. The family did such a great job of going with the flow trusting in the process.

PS_11.2.14RohrerNov14.-332 copy.jpg
PS_11.2.14RohrerNov14.-76 copy.jpg

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