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One of my favorite places to be in autumn is a college campus. There is something about the colors, textures and feeling of possibility and youth that is energizing. I especially love a college campus on an autumn morning, when the majority of the students are still sleeping and a silence lives for a short time before activity resumes. This session is near and dear to my heart because not only is this the campus of my alma mater, Hope College, this is also a long time friend and sorority sister of mine from Hope. Like many of my close friends from Hope, Shannon and I met when we were just kids, at age 18. We shared many amazing memories together including our travels in Ireland. I never would have imagined that one day I would be chasing and photographing her gorgeous daughter Vivian around the same campus where we grew up. It's moments like these, where I feel so blessed for the people in my life and the opportunity to capture their story with my camera.


Shannon's 18 year-old stomping grounds behind her, her 18 month-old daughter stomping ahead of her...


A quiet moment after chasing Vivian


Vivian and Daddy.

Those eyes...


While mom and dad had a quiet moment, Viv and I looked for squirrels.


I just love Vivian's style....a girl has got to accessorize!


Playing in the leaves feels oh-so-good!


Like her mom once did, Vivian walks through campus. Who knows where her path will lead but undoubtedly, it will be full of unending love & support from her awesome mom and dad.

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