• Sarah Rypma

Endless Lines + Endless Love

Lifestyle photography is a style of photography that aims to capture and document real-life events, situations, or milestones in an artistic way. The simple definition is "the art of the everyday." The more authentic the location is to your family, the more meaningful the images become. This family owns and operates a greenhouse in Kalamazoo. In fact, the greenhouse is what brought them to Michigan and where they spend a great deal of their time. They raise all different varities of flowers throughout the year. In these images you will see Cyclamen, which will soon be boxed and shipped to Texas. In addition to raising flowers, Rachna & Nirmal have also been raising a gorgeous two year old daugher, Anoushka. She is full of personality and life! Take a look at the images from their lifestyle session in the greenhouse - endless lines + endless love.


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