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A Red Wagon, Wooly Caterpillars & Gus

It's not often that I read on a client questionnaire, "This sounds bizarre, but at this time of Annie is really into wooly caterpillars. You know, the black ones with the brown stripe? L.O.V.E.S. them." Annie is a three year old who has an awesome sense of adventure, a love for Curious George and caterpillars. I adore Annie's love of adventure and strength! She towed her sweet sister, Vera all over the trails, which was no easy feat. Vera, is cool as a cucumber and was content to sit back and enjoy the ride. Then, there was their dog, Gus, (Vera's first word). He lead this wonderful family on our adventure though wooded trails to an open field of sunshine. Take a look.


Thank you for a wonderful evening, Wilkinsons. I am so glad that we got to enjoy some sunshine after last Spring's gray day. SR

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