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Lines and Laughs

Every time I hang out with our friends, the Maskills, we have a great time and there is a lot of laughter. A lot. Confession: sometimes I snort because I laugh so hard. This session was no different. As always, narrowing down this gallery was next to impossible for me. As I edited, I could hear mom and dad's contagious laughs and I could feel the connection and love between these beautiful girls and their parents and between the parents themselves. What I began to notice in this collection of photographs were the lines that brought together these relationships and highlighted some of the girls' unique and beautiful attributes. Some lines were obvious, others more indirect but they were there all the same. Take a peek.

The lines in B's eyelashes bring me to her faint freckles that mom wanted to capture.

Intersecting lines, bring two into one.

More intersecting lines in mom and B's sword fight.

Repeating lines - the foreground of the tall grasses to the grasses in K's hand. Here she is telling her mom a story about grass families.

The lines in this gorgeous quilt made my grandma add character and sentiment (I always encourage incorporating family heirlooms into your shoot).

Leading Lines - the barn door draws me into K's gorgeous baby blues.

And....I wonder who she got those eyes from?

Love the little faint lines in B's nose and eyes as she squeezes her daddy tight.

Thanks for a wonderful evening, Maskills. You are truly blessed with a gorgeous family inside and out!

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