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Kalamazoo Family Photography and Change

Last year, I had the privilege of photographing this wonderful family at their home as part of my work doing Kalamazoo family photography. In last year's post, I discussed how the images from a documentary/lifestyle session can create treasured photo books, preserving the nuanced moments that define our family lives.

family standing together on dock by water smiling

This year, I returned to their home, eager to capture their story once again. The family is on the brink of a significant change – a move to a new state. The goal of the session was simple yet important: to document the final moments they'd spend together in their beloved home before embarking on this new journey.

mother comforting a young boy

Moving, as we all know, can be a challenging and emotional experience.

scared boy holding mother's hand

At first, it can feel daunting, even scary. The sheer magnitude of the task ahead can be overwhelming.

boy taking a big step

Yet, as we take that initial step, one foot in front of the other, something incredible happens.

family walking outdoors on street
toddler walking on pavement

The steps, once so daunting, become more manageable.

young girl riding a bike
young girl pushing a bike

We learn to confront the challenges that change brings, and in doing so, we find our inner strength and confidence.

young boy pushing a car uphill

Some days might feel like an uphill climb

young girl resting head on mom's shoulder

But we discover that there are always shoulders to lean on when we grow weary.

dad helping young boy push car

There are people around us who are more than willing to help us push through the toughest moments.

young boy with expression of surprise

And then, almost unexpectedly, we're greeted by new moments and opportunities.

mom and daughter drawing with sidewalk chalk on driveway

Gradually, things begin to take shape and we realize that it was never about the places we lived or the possessions we owned.

father kissing son on forehead with sunlight filtering through
young boy walking while holding dad's hand
young girl playing hopscotch with her mother in the driveway

When we look back, we realize it has always been about the people in our lives - the love and support that surround us. Through change, we grow, we adapt, and we come to appreciate the ever-evolving narrative of our family story and the people in it.

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