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When I shoot a documentary / lifestyle session I aim to capture "a day in the life of" the family. The final gallery contains a collection of images that highlight daily routines, interests and milestones that a family experiences in their current season. Each individual image might not be a "framer" but that's not the point of a documentary session. Each image should be considered a page in a book and I always encourage my clients to toss the entire gallery into a coffee table book so the images can converge into a story.

Parents need a story that reminds them when...

Their kids were small enough to curl up on laps and reading was a family affair

Chores were fun to role play

The simplicity of a sprinkler on a summer day brought so much joy

Furry friends were never too far away

New adventures were just around the corner

Books and pretend food were edible

Dance parties with parents were en vouge

Gurgly giggles made the sleepless nights worth it

and the faces were a little messier...

When creating your story, keep in mind you aren't confined to only color images. Although I love color, sometimes it has to be stripped away, so our eyes can focus on the faces and emotions.

Ted Grant says, "When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. When you photograph people in black and white, you photograph their souls."

There are many pages to our stories. One thing is certain, time flies and our babies grow up. Our kids evolve into teenagers who don't fit on our laps anymore. Somehow the youthful expressions, chubby cheeks, and silly games fade as we beg our teenagers to please do the chores they once loved to role play. Although new seasons bring new joys and freedoms (flying without little ones is liberating), it's human nature to mourn the loss of time. That's when you can grab that photo book, curl up on the couch and laugh with your teenagers about a time when they shook their sillies out and wore diapers (just have a box of Kleenex nearby).

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