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Kalamazoo Family Photographer | Welcome, Daisy!

Life has changed in the last 18 months for all of us in many ways. While the pandemic has undoubtedly introduced new challenges and difficulties in our lives, it has also allowed us to grow and adapt in ways we didn't think were possible. Somewhere amongst the challenges, we found the silver linings. Some of those silver linings included new found flexibility, a slower pace of life and more quality time with loved ones. Other silver linings were the new fur babies that joined our families. Last year I photographed this family during the fall of the pandemic. This year I was able to meet their newest family member, Daisy! Take a peek at this family photography session in Kalamazoo.

Young girl petting her dog outside with flowers in the background
Teenage girl walking her dog outside on a leash with golden light streaming through
A family admiring their new puppy outdoors
A young girl snuggling her puppy outdoors
Young children admiring their puppy outdoors
Children walking their new puppy on a leash outside
Young girl resting her head on top of her puppys head
Family standing with their new puppy outdoors
Family walking outdoors on a sidewalk at sunset
Smiling family looking at the camera


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