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Kalamazoo Family Photography | Location

As a photographer, I am often asked, "what is the best location?" While beautiful scenery does matter to an extent, my favorite location is the space where love and light intersect. Whether I am shooting your session in your backyard, in a parking garage (yes, it has happened) or in a beautiful park, I am looking for moments of human connection and love illuminated by natural light. It's in that space where I love to create. This session takes place in that magical location. Take a peek.

family walking together at sunset
closeup of mother holding baby son
Family walking a dog on leash
Young girl wearing a dress walking her dog outdoors
Mother twirling her young child outside
Mother lifting her happy baby into the air outdoors against blue skies
Mother kissing her baby with sunlight streaming through
Closeup of a young babys feet who is sitting in a swing outdoors
Young children pushing their baby brother in a swing outdoors
Father pushing his baby son in a swing outdoors
Young boy sitting at the top of a slide outdoors at a playground
Children laying on blanket outdoors
Family laying on a blanket holding a happy baby in the air
Baby laying on a blanket looking off into the distance
Children reaching for bubbles outdoors on a nice day
Young girl reaching for a bubble with a bubble in the foreground
Overhead view of a family sitting together outdoors on a blanket
Young girl hugging her father
Father Twirling his son outdoors on a beach in Kalamazoo, Michigan
closeup of a babys feet with his fathers feet in the sand
Happy boy hugging his father while looking at the camera


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