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10 on 10 | May

It's been awhile since our 10 on 10 blog circle has been active. As a little refresher, this blog circle connects female photographers from all over the world. Last August we took a break from the circle, as our lives all became incredibly busy. As the Coronavirus became a reality and forced us all home this Spring, we found that we were picking up our cameras more than ever and documenting this unforgettable time in history. So, we "got the band back together" so to speak and we are reuniting. Here are 10 images from our life in Kalamazoo, Michigan during the Spring of 2020. After looking through these images, head on over to Essex Family Photographer Charlotte Kitchenside's blog to see what life is like at home in the U.K.

1. Jumping through Hoops. Literally and metaphorically, we have all had to learn to jump through some hoops during this quarantine.

2. Going Bananas...enough said.

3. Lean on Me.....he just can't help himself

4. Somewhere Over the Rainbow....Birds-eye view of my children sorting through years of artwork.

5. Stretched Too Thin....Can't we all relate? The homemade bagels made everything better.

6. Poodle Portrait....Overhead view of a portrait project for online school with a willing and tired participant.

7. Self Portrait. Age 12.

8. Sink or Swim? A close up of a home school STEM lesson

9. It's All a Blur - Has it been months, weeks, days or just one big long day?

10. Hello from the Other Side. A video call with family (and family pets) in Colorado.

Here Comes the Sun - With 5 sunny days in March and 6 sunny days in April on record, it's no wonder we worship the sun here in Michigan. We are praying for brighter days ahead for all.

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