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I have been photographing this family for the last three years and they will forever be known as the family who had a rainbow at their session.

In fact, it was one of the first things Sibyl said to me upon getting out of the car at our most recent session, "remember when we had a rainbow?". A couple things are certain... 1) I will always remember that rainbow 2) they are unlikely to ever get a rainbow at a session again (but maybe?)

3) it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter because there is so much love and connection between this family that I could photograph them in a rainstorm and it would turn out well. Regardless of the environment, my focus is always on the love and connection. Baby Issac first appeared on my blog after his newborn session and again last fall, crawling around with that rainbow above his head. In this session, he proved to be a speed demon who's favorite color is yellow, which was fitting because we were surrounded by yellow Black-Eyed Susans and warm golden hour lighting.

Scroll down to the very bottom for a hilarious outtake and leave your best caption in the comments.

And, here is one of the outtakes. Don't forget to leave your best caption in the comments...

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