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Long Lost Home

We've all heard countless cliche quotes about "home" - they are a dime a dozen, embroidered on pillows in gift shops, stuck on bumpers and all over Pinterest. If your home is in Michigan, you can find an endless selection of home stickers and accessories with the mitten incorporated. If you don't know what the mitten is, ask somebody from Michigan to show you where they are from. When they hold up their hand and point to their home, you will see what I mean. It's one of the many cool things people from Michigan have - an instant accessible map of home.

This family just moved into a new home (they can show you on their hand exactly where it's located in Southwest Michigan). After months of building, they are settled in with a new puppy, Tilly. When I arrived on location, I found it very appropriate that Sophie was reading the book "Long Lost Home" on the front porch swing. They have definitely found their long lost home - a place where adventure awaits and love and connection live. Take a peek at some favorites from our session.

Since we have been deprived of sunshine here in Kalamazoo, I am going to reverse the chronological order of our session and begin with the golden hour goodness first.

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