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10 on 10 | September 2016

When my husband and I graduated from college, we were excited to leave Michigan to pursue graduate school and a life out West. I still remember the day we left Michigan - August 11, 2002. We pulled away in my red Jeep Cherokee, packed to the gills with all of our possessions (including our cat) and watched all that we ever knew disappear in our rear view mirror. With our 20 songs (maybe 16) on our cutting-edge preloaded MP3 player, we were ready to drive away to Denver. After completing our programs in Denver, we moved once again-this time for new jobs in Indianapolis. We were young newly weds who worked hard and often got into deep conversations about what we wanted in life and more importantly, what we wanted for our future kids. These conversations always recounted our own childhoods, growing up in Michigan. We spent our days in the woods, collecting nature's treasures, swimming in the lakes and being carefree. They were simple childhoods (uncomplicated by over-scheduling and technology). We realized that although we had moved several times, our hearts would always be in Michigan and that's where we wanted to raise our future family. Fast forward 10 years. Here we are in the mitten state, raising three kids determined to explore and discover all the beauty this state has.

Here are 10 of my personal favorite images from this summer in Michigan. After viewing these images, make sure to go to Charlotte Kitchenside's beautiful work in the United Kingdom. This month Charlotte shared 10 of her favorite images from her travels to the South of France. Here is Charlottes's link. Enjoy!

1. Reflections / Ludington, Michigan

2. Beach Trail / Traverse City, Michigan

3. Dune Run / Ludington, Michigan

4. Overcast / Holland, Michigan

5. The Life / Ludington, Michigan

6. Searching for Frogs / Atlanta, Michigan

7. Cooling Off / Portage, Michigan

8. Ripe / Mattawan, Michigan

9. Puppy Chase / Holland, Michigan

10. Ducklings / Ludington, Michigan

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