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My client wrote this blog post about her newborn session with me.

Take a peek at her beautiful family and lovely story. Thanks for sharing this, K.P.!

"Our second little girl blessed us with her presence in early September. Alexandra Olivia Parrish made our family complete. As two working parents and a mom who has limited weeks to savor every moment, pictures make time stand still for moment, pictures capture the feeling of that moment, pictures allow you to pause and reflect.

On This morning in October, time stood still for the Parrish family of four. My three year old smiled, laughed and played in front of the camera for THREE hours...all thanks to Sarah.

I got to cuddle with my girls and gaze into Alex's eyes with no timetable. When I told Sarah my husband had to get grandma to the airport early that morning and we literally had parts of an hour to spare for shots with dad, Sarah captured his heart with Alex in his arms, and a few of my all time favorites with his side-kick Corinne. Sarah even captured the girls with their grandma before she left for the airport.

You can see the happiness of this morning in my laugh in one of the pictures, even hear it if you look long enough.

All of the pictures from Sarah were perfect, if I had to pick a few that I adore it would be any of my two girls, our family shots, my beautiful Alexandra with her steel grey eyes looking into the lens, me and my two girls just being ourselves, and my husband Bill each with his own princess.

When life shifts gears for all of us in the next few months, i will have these pictures to make me take pause for a moment of reflection on our beautiful family.

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