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Charles Wagner said, "simplicity is a state of mind" and that is exactly how I approach my newborn lifestyle sessions. I intentionally try to focus on capturing your newborn's natural beauty without the encumberment of props or accessories. I want to photograph your newborn as the pure, beautiful and new little and perfect beings that they are. I want to photograph their very first days here on earth honestly, without over-posing or over-styling them. Less is truly more. Rather than putting them against a backdrop, I will be placing them in their own environment - ideally in your arms! I am looking for connections and emotions. I want to capture the curiousity of older siblings, the love in a mother's embrace, a proud father's gaze, a grandparent's uncontainable joy.

Although simplicity is what I am looking for, it isn't always easy to achieve. Simplicity takes work and intention - it takes trust and patience. Between feedings and soothings, these sessions can be long and challenging. It's okay... I will keep shooting, even if it means taking your younger child outside to play games and sneak in some fun portraits while you feed your baby or change a diaper! If we trust in the process, together we can preserve your child's first few days with you - a special time that is beautiful all by itself.

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