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Mia | 24 days old / 3 weeks | Morning Session

Mia's session took place in the morning when she was three weeks old. For this lifestyle newborn session, we focused on incorporating special family heirlooms and highlighting the images with natural window light and interesting perspectives. You may recognize the Moses basket in this session from Sam's newborn session (Mia's cousin). This Moses basket has been in the family for years and was passed down to Mia. In the corner of one of the images is the green family's "wake up" crib that generations of Rikers have slept in (we decided not to put Mia in it since we weren't sure we wanted to wake her up...) The rocking chair was in Mia's dad's room when he was a little boy. All these heirlooms represent the special journey of parenthood and the many meaningful bonds in a very special family. Take a peek.

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