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Window Light

Ellie | 9 Days Old | Morning Session

Remember this sweet couple from their gorgeous maternity session? Well, they welcomed the sweetest little baby girl into the world. Welcome, Ellie...we are so glad you are here! I love this session because it uses the a very simple and natural lighting source - window light! I adore window light for lifestyle sessions, especially newborn sessions because it is subtle and simple. When I work in a room like a nursery, the first thing I do is open up all the blinds and turn off the artifical light sources, so the window light is the only light source I am working with. I prefer a Northern or Southern facing window, as the light is soft and indirect. This session was all shot in the nursery about 2-3 feet from the nursery window. Take a look at this gorgeous new family of three and their beautiful baby girl, Ellie.

And, no pressure Ohio State, but you have acquired the cutest little fan, so please don't disappoint her this season!

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