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We hear it a lot, "You have to brave the elements." In other words, we must endure tough and unfavorable conditions in life because not everything goes as planned. Well, this family did just that. By elements, I mean rain, wind and hail all at their session. Did they get upset? Nope. They were cool as cucumbers - all six of them! Within the first five minutes we were trapped under an awning at the Gilmore Car Museum (where they got married 10 years ago) and couldn't make it back to our cars. So, we made the most of it and I snapped away. I call myself a lifestyle photographer - well, this is real life, right? (Not to worry, I did offer a re-shoot if it didn't work out). When the weather cleared, we decided to make the most of the evening and see what happened - and, awesome things DID happen. Mary (12 months) took her very first assisted steps (caught on camera!) and entertained us with her amazing laugh. Her sisters entertained me with their outgoing personalities and love for How to Train your Dragon! Hiccup became the word of the night. Take a look at this memorable session.

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