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Verbs + Newborns

I am frequently asked to photograph newborn sessions. My newborn sessions are lifestyle sessions, meaning I want to capture your natural interactions and connections with your new baby with minimal (if any) props. I find that the best place for this to happen is in a client’s home. When I think back to my days as a new mom, I remember snuggling, feeding, swaddling, holding, soothing, burping, rocking and adoring my newborns. I remember the little yawns, the finger holding and the cooing. I remember competitions with my husband over who had the best "burrito" swaddle (I think he had me there). I remember the overwhelming feelings of an infinite new love, a sleepless fog that consumed me and a desire to capture every single moment. My goal for newborn sessions is to help you remember this beautiful (and sleepless) time in your lives by capturing the real verbs of your very real life. When your child has children of his/her own, these are the moments you will remember - the verbs that allowed you to first connect in this life.


Admiring & adoring...




Loving with every fiber of your being.

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