• Sarah Rypma

All Kinds of Perfect

Last week I shot a lifestyle newborn / family shoot for my dear friends, the Rikers. They recently welcomed baby Sam Abraham into their family and he is "all kinds of perfect" from his itty bitty toes to his button nose. Sam was photographed in a bassinet that has been in the family since 1956 - a family heirloom that generations of children have slept in. The Moses basket below was given as a gift to Sam's sister and repaired by his grandmother with blue ribbon for Sam. In the 11th picture down, Sam's sister Emma is getting ready for the photoshoot. She is picking out which necklace she is going to wear and chooses the cross that was given to her by her grandmother and blessed by the Pope. In the background of that image is a pile of dresses that I chose not edit out because it is realistic of everyday life. Meaningful artifacts like the bassinet, Moses basket and necklace add to the appeal of lifestyle photography because they help tell a story. Lifestyle photography is not "posed" and "perfect". Lifestyle Photography is about the relationships, the feelings and the little moments that make up our everyday lives. It's about a story - your story. Here is a sneek peek into a lifestyle family / newborn shoot with the Rikers.

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