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Motherhood | Kalamazoo Family Photography

As a family photographer in Kalamazoo Michigan for over 10 years, I often hear from mothers who have a deep desire to photograph the journey of motherhood as they are often the ones taking the photographs and rarely in them. They struggle with the rapid pace at which their children grow up and are remiss they didn't get in more photos. I understand the struggle of being behind the camera as a mother and missing out on being in the frame. As mothers, life comes at us fast and we often rush around feeling that we can always get in the frame later and yet we rarely do.

This post is a collection of over 10 years of photographs that features mothers who set time aside to get into the frame and let all the beautiful, messy, and utterly breathtaking moments unfold.

From the early stages of pregnancy to the first steps of a child, every milestone is a testament to the enduring love between a mother and child. Whether it's a candid moment captured in the park or a carefully crafted portrait, I strive to create images that families will cherish for generations to come. Let me help you capture the magic of motherhood through my lens.


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