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Kalamazoo Family Photographer | Therapy

I first met this dynamic family at thier house when we shot this memorable lifestyle session, A Pink Flamingo Named Judy at their home in Kalamazoo, Michigan. This year we decided to venture into one of Kalamazoo's gorgeous parks and spend some time in nature. Some call spending time in nature forest bathing. I call it therapy - especially after a long year in quarantine. I am beyond grateful for the nature spaces in our community and the families that trust me to capture their story.

Family walking outdoors in Kalamazoo Michigan through forest at sunset
A family is hugging eachother at golden hour
Two children are sitting on a blanket reading a book at a park in Kalamazoo, Michigan
closeup of a family reading a book outdoors in a park in Kalamazoo, Michigan
A mother hugging her daughter outdoors at a park in Kalamazoo, Michigan
A boy running down a path at a park on a beautiul day with blue skies and clouds in Kalamazoo, Michigan
A mother and son hugging outdoors with sunlight coming through the trees in an outdoor park in Kalamazoo, Michigan
Two children picking flowers at a park in Kalamazoo, Michigan


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