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Kalamazoo Commercial Photographer | Consumers Energy

Last August, Consumers Energy hired me to shoot imagery of downtown Kalamazoo for their Smart Energy Campaign that rolled out in Kalamazoo in September 2015. My assignment was to capture iconic images of Kalamazoo that could be used in the background of their marketing materials online and in print. It was pretty incredible to see my work appear in my bill insert and on Pandora!

Take a peek at some of the images and marketing materials created with my images.

Thanks, Consumers Energy for the opportunity to photograph a city that I love!

Client Testimonial

"Working with Sarah was a true pleasure. From the start she demonstrated a keen understanding of our goals and provided an outline of her plan that was incredibly valuable and left us feeling very confident in her art and skill. Images were ready for us very quickly and it was easy to see that Sarah had approached the job thoughtfully and with great care. We are certain the addition of her photos will make our customers feel more connected to our campaign and we appreciate Sarah’s responsiveness to our questions and ideas. It would be a privilege to work with Sarah again."

- Carrie Harkness, Consumers Energy

Bill insert:


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