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Commercial Photography in Michigan: Capturing the Flavor of Emelander Family Farm's Menu

Grilling season sizzles closer, and the aroma of fresh farm ingredients fills the air in Albion, Michigan! That's the scene at Emelander Farm's Farm-2-Fork food truck, a mobile haven dishing up deliciousness crafted from their own homegrown meats. Recently, I had the pleasure of collaborating with Emelander Family Farm for a commercial photography session in Michigan, capturing the essence of their farm-to-table experience served up by the Farm 2 Fork. Take a peek at these delicious offerings...

peppers on a grill

sausages on a grill

man grilling food


chef placing tomato on a cheeseburger

diced onions on a cheeseburger


Megan and Darin at Emelander Farms

Tempted by the taste of summer? Contact Megan or Darin at Emelander Family Farm to learn more about their mouth-watering menu and book the Farm 2 Fork food truck for your next event!

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