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10 on 10 | June

These past three months have been heavy. Life has been completely turned upside down due to a global pandemic caused by a microscopic virus that has shut down our schools, businesses and life as we have known it, proving what we have always known; we are at nature’s mercy. A large spotlight has illuminated all that we take for granted in our lives, including the simple embrace of a hug.

Living in the United States during this time has been especially distressing. The photograph of Derek Chauvin’s knee of George Floyd’s neck is one that I can never forget. This powerful image hit me like many of the Pulitzer Prize photographs do - viscerally. The image also reveals the racial inequality, unheard voices, deep hatred and decades of broken promises in our country. The death of George Floyd has shown us that we have not learned from our troubled history and as the saying goes, those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it. George Floyd’s death has sparked outrage across this country. Protests (both peaceful and violent) have raged in hundreds of cities from voices desperate to be heard.

As I went through my catalog of images from this month, I couldn’t pick 10 images to post because I kept coming back to one. Although I spent a lot of time in nature and played around with macro photography, went on nature hikes with my family and saw incredible signs of resilience like the Bald Eagle that soared over our heads, reminding us that real change is possible (the bald eagle was finally removed from the endangered species list in 2007) I still could not move away from one image.

This image is of Forget-Me-Not wildflowers in my mom’s garden illuminated by warm morning light. As I read more about Forget-Me-Nots, I learned that the flower became a symbol of those who suffered in war. My hope (and prayer) is that we can open our hearts and listen to each other, laying down our defenses and polarized views that we reinforce on social media and create the change that is long overdue.

Next up on this month's blog circle is Essex Family Photographer Charlotte Kitchenside's blog and her beautiful work!

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