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Follow Jett / A story about rising waters

This is Jett.

Jett is sitting on the top of a bluff overlooking Lake Michigan in Holland, Michigan.

Jett has a story to tell you about what exists on the other side of the dune. Curious?

Follow Jett down the steps to the beach but hang on tight, the steps are a little unstable (more about that in a minute).

I should have warned you, Jett always has to get a "zoomie" out of his system when his paws hit the sand! Now that we have that out of the way, let's take in the scene.

In fairness, you might still be a little dizzy from the "zoomie" and are wondering what you are looking at? These aren't M.C. Escher's relativity stairs but rather the stairs of a homeowner that have fallen onto the beach due to rising lake waters and erosion.

Let's change homeowner from singular to plural; homeowners. The wreckage is piling up all along the lakeshore as our lake waters continue to rise to unprecedented levels.

The erosion is relentless despite our best efforts to stop it.

...because sand bags are a temporary fix. We have to find a more permanent solution.

Many of the trees are doing their best but it is hard to say how much longer they can hold on. We HAVE to help. Here is a list of organizations fighting to protect the Great Lakes on many fronts (pollution, wildlife, etc) Follow their pages, get involved, educate yourself and others so we can protect the Great Lakes for generations to come.

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