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10 on 10 | April

I could tell you about the allure of Kauai. About the cacophony of wild roosters mixed with the distant sounds of the crashing surf and spouts of Humpback whales. About the rich deep reds of the Waimea valley set against the vibrant greens of the Monstera leaves where the Gold Dust Day Geckos hide and the orchids thrive. About the food trucks and the roosters (always a rooster) and the little surfing towns tucked away comfortably hiding from time's cadence. But those are just words and a picture is worth a thousand of them.

Flight to Lihue

Sunrise in Poipu

Waimea Canyon

Tidal Pools at Sunset

Gecko Hide and Seek

Palm tree reflections in the pool

Bougainvillea set against Monstera leaves.

Surf's Up! (or down)

Body Boarding + slow shutter

Bonsai frame

Food trucks, roosters and a self timer family picture for the win!

This post is part of a blog circle connecting women photographers from all over the world. Next up, visit Philadelphia Family Photographer Evelyne Lourenco.

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