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One | September

It's been years since I have been still enough to sit and read. Reading is always a goal of mine but one that gets thrown to the side in the midst of the busy that fogs my daily life. While on vacation with my family (and dog) in Northern Michigan, I managed to find some clarity. Not only did I manage to read, I binged a complete book from start to finish and it was life giving! It was also a fantastic book and I highly recommend it! I also found joy in watching my kids play without the constraints of a schedule. They played for hours using only their imagination and the resources of nature. As I lounged in the peace of my vacation hammock, I realized something magical was happening...time was slowing down. This image is my reminder to be still and find more clarity and space in my everyday life with those I love most.

Next up on our blog circle is Kalamazoo Family Photographer Tara Fletcher.

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