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Fall 2016

2016 was one of the most beautiful falls in Michigan that I can remember. We were blessed with some amazing Indian summer days with temperatures in the 70s, rich autumnal colors and dreamy golden hour lighting. However, the true beauty of this fall existed in the relationships that I was blessed to photograph. Some of you anxiously awaited new babies while others were busy welcoming new babies into their families and hearts. Some families spent their first fall in Michigan, while other families were getting ready to move away. As the trees in fall remind us more than any other times of year... things change. We go through seasons in life. Even the love that we share with our loved ones changes; it grows deeper like the roots of the tree. Like those roots, our love anchors us. A special thank you to my clients for the opportunity to document the love you all share. I wish you many more blessings in 2017. For a look back in Summer 2016, go here:

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