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Furry Friends

Several of my clients ask if they can bring their dogs along to their photo session. Being a dog lover myself, I love photographing the dynamic between a pet and his/her people. This dynamic makes the emotion and connection that I seek to capture from behind the lens deeper because there is nothing like the loyalty and love that a pet gives his/her family. I shared a personal post earlier this year about my family and the love and loss we experienced with our family dog, Lily. You can expect a future post about our new puppy, Jett, and how he has become a part of family - guaranteed to be a more humorous post.

This post however is dedicated to the furry friends who have graced my photo sessions over the years. The first five images are from my session with Hugo and his family last week and if you keep scrolling you will see many other lovable faces including Belle, Carl, Gus, Emmy, Pippa, Dutch and many others. Although these dogs come in all different shapes and sizes, they all have one thing in common: unconditional love for their people.

If you plan to bring your pet to your photo session, there are a few tips at the bottom of this post.

More furry friends

Tips for bringing your dog to a session:

1) Check with me before hand, some locations lend themselves better to dogs than others. Some locations do not allow dogs.

2) Bring treats, a leash and doggy bags to pick up any presents. ;-)

3) If your dog likes to fetch or play with certain toys, bring those along too.

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