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10 on 10 / June

10 of my favorite personal documentary images on the 10th of the month...

In late May through early June, we are always anxious for the sun to show it's face after a long Michigan winter. If you know Michigan weather, you know that anything can happen at any time - including snow on May 15. So, when the sun finally does make an appearance and decides to stick around, it's a celebration (cue the Beatles music...."Here comes the sun....")

When the sun does arrive and stays, I can't wait to get my hands dirty and plant my window boxes. I took my youngest on a trip to the flower shop where we loaded up on some of my favorite plants - including sweet potato vine!

Shorty after I get my window boxes planted (first week in June) our rhododendron bush blooms - it's a pretty amazing spectacle and a sure sign the spring is here to stay and summer is on it's way!

I know you are curious...what's the secret to the enormous healthy rhododendron bush? It might have something to do with all the puppy potty training going on at our house - lots of natural fertilizer! ;-)

When we aren't spending time outside in our yard, we were at the T-ball and soccer fields, as spring sports took up a lot of time. Although Tball is not the most engaging sport to watch, I have really enjoyed watching my son mature and start to develop an interest in sports (rather than draw in the sand and roll in the grass as he did last year).

And, it's a good thing there is a playground near the fields for this one...

June 10 marks the last day of school for us.

As the summer approaches, I want a few things for my kids.

1) Sleep

2) Simplicty

3) Books

Wishing everybody a happy + healthy summer! Thanks for stopping by the blog and make sure to head over to Mary Colleen Grier's blog to see her beautiful 10 on 10 images for June. Mary lives in Madison, Alabama and I adore her approach to lifestyle photography. Follow the link on Mary's blog and make it all the way around the blog circle!

About the Blog Circle: On the 10th of every month, I will post 10 of my favorite personal documentary images on my blog. These posts will be referred to as "10 on 10". In each post, I will link to another photographer's blog post with her favorite 10 images from the month. There are 13 photographers in our Blog Circle from across the globe. If you follow the link in each post, you will complete the Blog Circle and see some beautiful imagery from some very talented ladies - all who got into photography to capture the everyday moments and stories that make up our lives.

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